Loadouts: British Army

For the 2018 Series we will be allowing only certain Coalition forces loadouts, namely US, UK and German GSG
Today we will focus on the UK Forces Uniforms.

British Army – 1991 (Gulf War) to Date

Camo used:

Desert DPM

MTP (Multi Terrain Pattern)



MK6 with Desert DPM Cover


MK7 With MTP Cover


Shemagh – Note Single Color

Boonie – MTP or Desert DPM

Cap – MTP or Desert DPM


Desert DPM – – Combat Trousers, UBACS, Shirt, etc

MTP – Combat Trousers, UBACS, Shirt, etc



All versions of the Orprey Platform

Load Bearing vests


Lowa Boots

or any TAN/FDE Combat Boots


Reference Pics:

Desert DPM:

Desert DPM and DPM Mixed – Also acceptable



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IMFDB: http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/List_of_firearms_used_by_British_Armed_Forces
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Weapons: British Army

For the 2018 Series we will be allowing only certain Coalition forces loadouts, namely US, UK and German GSG
Today we will focus on the UK Forces weaponry.

British Army – 1991 (Gulf War) to Date


Weapons Allowed:


Browning HighPower L9A1

Sig Sauer P226,P229

Glock 17, Glock 19

Assault Weapons

L85A1 Rifle

L85A2 Rifle

Diemaco/Colt Canada C8


Benelli M4

Submachine Guns



All Types of Military standard MP5’s (SD9, HK53, etc) Will be allowed.
No MP7, BT9, etc will be acceptable

Support Weapons

L86A1 Light Support Weapon

L86A2 Light Support Weapon

M249-E1 SAW

M249-E2 SAW

M249 Paratrooper

Most Types of M249 Family weapons will be allowed like M249 Para, MK46 etc


Sniper Rifles

Accuray International AW/AWSM

Barret .50Cal – M82A1

Bar10/VSR10, M24′ etc will not be allowed


IMFDB: http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/List_of_firearms_used_by_British_Armed_Forces
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_equipment_of_the_British_Army

Tour of Duty Returns.

Tour of Duty 2018

To all players that have participated in the TOD events in the past and all the new players will be trilled to hear that we are coming back with a bang!

TOD will try to maintain a high level of game play to create realistic MilSim environment. Don’t be late for any of the briefs as they will continue without you.  TOD kindly request that all signed up players familiarize them with all the MilSim Rules:

The 1st Game will be announced soon, so get your MILSIM gear ready!

Tour of Duty 2014


Tour of Duty 2014
To all players that have signed up thank you for your valued support. TOD will try to maintain a high level of game play to create realistic MilSim environment. Don’t be late for any of the briefs as they will continue without you.  TOD kindly request that all signed up players familiarize them with all the MilSim Rules:

Important Notice to all Task Force Trident and Sons of Azawad players you will NOT have static respawn platform. Thus players should plan accordingly to carry all your essentials with you within area of interest.

SOA suspends talks with government

Paul Adama SWC News Bamako MALI

SOA said on Friday they were ending talks with Mali’s government and taking up arms following violence that erupted in Djenne during July 2014. A French diplomatic core assisted the Mali government in holding talks with DTK and SOA envoys within Djenne.

SOA protesters clashed with French diplomatic core. Several protestors were wounded but there were conflicting accounts to how the incident started.

The political and military wing of the Sons of Azawad declared the lifting of any talks or ceasefire with the government in Bamako. A senior French diplomatic official told SWC News that they would wait to see how things played out on the ground.

Intel Report 12FEB2014



SUBJECT: Attack on Task Force Trident Operating Base Blue (TFTFOB)

SOURCE: Task Force Trident Intelligence Section Operatives (TFTIS)

1. Following intelligence operations TFTIS operatives have tracked SOA commander known as Fredi who was responsible for the attack on TFTFOB Blue in November 2013. Fredi was identified in April 2013 for the first time by TFTIS operatives after the ambush of Mali army patrol killing four soldiers in the vicinity of Douentza.

2. During Operation Dirk in May 2013 by Task Force Trident SOF where engaged in various firefights with Fredi and his men in the Almina Valley. It was Fredi and his men who breached the TFT Special Reconnaissance HQ perimeter.

3. The explosives that were used in suicide attack at Mopti Airport bears the signature of Chaddi. Chadi was identified in January 2013 by TFTIS operatives as personal courier of the senior SOA commander Kassi Kadi. Chadi met with Gacemi a member of Algerian group “The Knights of Pride” a top bomb maker and genius at the miniaturization of bombs in Sierra Leone in February 2013. Chadi eluded TFTIS operatives within Bamako in February 2013.

Operation Gladius-Rapier II



Sunday, 6 April 2014 (TBC)
Time Phases
• Phase 1: 0900B – 0930B Final preparation for game
• Phase 2: 0930B – 0945B Move to insertion platform
• Phase 3: 0945B – 1045B Mission planning
• Phase 4: 1045B – 1100B Final mission brief
• Phase 5: 1100B -1600B Game commence

Task Force Trident Intelligence Section Team (min 2 – max 4 places)
MISSION: Avoid being killed or captured by Ag-Boula and his men. The successful rendezvous with QRF.

Task Force Trident Quick Reaction Force Blue (min 8 – max 16 places)
MISSION: Finding and aiding the TFTIS team. Capture or kill Ag-Boula and his men. Exfiltration of all TFT forces.

Taureg Clan (min 5 – max 10 places)
MISSION: Aiding and protection of TFTIS team.

Sons of Azawad (min 15 – max 30 places)
MISSION: Kill or capture of enemy forces. Execution of Taureg clan leader.


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R 100.00 per player. Gauteng Airsoft Club members receive 20% discount code.

Tour Of Tuty 2014



On 7 July 2013, a French Diplomatic Core met with prominent Devine Tribe of Kidal cleric named Dembele and envoy of Sons of Azawad led by Akali and Ag-Boula in Djenne to initiate peace talks with DTK and SOA. The French Diplomatic Core peace task was designated to boost efforts to restore a functioning democracy.

The French Diplomatic Core came under attack during the course of the day by SOA protesters. Task Force Trident Command deployed QRF to assist the French Diplomatic Core.

After meeting with Dembele an assignation attempt was made on the cleric by SOA assassination cell. The TFTQRF commander immediately deployed medic team to extract Dembele.

The French intelligence community saw this as ideal opportunity to work together with DTK to locate and kill or capture those responsible for assignation attempt on Dembele. Direction du Renseignement Militaire (DRM) intelligence officials met with DTK agents within Niamey, Niger in August 2013.

The DRM led the effort to surveil and gather intelligence on the Named Areas of Interest (NAIs) within village of Louta, Burkina Faso. The DRM briefed Lt. Col. Custer the commander of the Task Force Trident Command (TFTC), about NAIs containing specific structures and SOA cell commander Ag-Boula who was responsible for the planning and execution of the assassination.

A Task Force Trident Intelligence Section (TFTIS) team call-sign Neptune-1 was deployed within Louta, Burkina Faso. Task Force Trident Chief of Staff Operations and Deputy Chief of Staff Intelligence immediately started to plan a night raid code name Operation Rapier.

All planning and preparation of the raid was done at Task Force Trident Forward Operating Base Blue, Mopti Airport. Due to bad weather Operation Rapier was postponed.

Further intelligence by TFTIS team indicated that Ag-Boula moved his position out of the village of Louta to an old hotel. It was during this time that TFTIS intelligence operatives identified two German hostages that was kidnapped during December 2012.

A daylight raid was scheduled for 16 November 2013 known as Operation Gladius-Rapier, with helicopters entering Burkina Faso “low to the ground and undetected”. In the early morning hours of 16 November 2013 a SOA suicide bomber drove up to the gate of Mopti Airport and detonated his bomb-laden car.

Within minutes after the explosion a group of nearly dozen SOA insurgents attacked the north end of Mopti Airport, the base perimeter of TFT Operating Base Blue. Two Mali soldiers were killed and six other military personnel were wounded in the attack.

Two TFT helicopters were damaged during the attack, which resulted in TFTC delaying Operation Gladius-Rapier.

Within the next 48 hours TFT Operating Base Blue received broken satellite communication from Neptune-1 that their position has been compromised and were taking enemy fire, requesting assistance. After the broken transmission from the Neptune-1, the position and situation of the TFTIS team became unknown.

TFT Operating Base Blue immediately prepared to dispatch a quick reaction force (QRF), but command for launch from higher TFTC headquarters was delayed.