Ammo Limts

PROPOSED AMMO LIMITS, Rev 1, 06/10/2017
The use of Low-cap or Mid-caps is strongly recommended for all magazine (not belt fed weapons). If a
High cap is used in an assault weapon, this will be used in semi auto only. This will be checked by in
game marshals. On normal assault rifles no autowind or electric box magazines are allowed.

To differentiate:
High cap magazines can carry 300-600 BBs and some can even hold up to 1000 rounds and requires no
magazine changes. The player has to wind the magazine constantly which in turn winds the internal
spring that turns some gear mechanism to push the BBs up and ensure continuous feeding of BBs. Often
BBs inside the magazine can be heard rattling specially when running. Low or Mid-cap magazines can
hold 100-130 rounds and are spring action. This means that unlike high-cap magazines the BBs are
pushed up by a coiled spring thus the need to “wind” is gone. This requires a more realistic magazine
change plus it doesn’t make rattling BB sound when you shake it.
In the first mission for both parties the ammo limits are limited to allow for a more realistic game play.
This will be split into an initial “supply” and a “resupply” for all factions. Individual combatants and the
section commanders must keep a careful watch on the ammunition supplies during the days mission.
Since safety is of utmost importance, all assault weapons up to LMG will be limited to 400fps and pistols
to 350fps (measured with 0,2g BBs). Snipers will be limited to 500fps (0.2g BB) and a 20m minimum
engagement distance (this will be tested).
The disadvantage of heavier and cumbersome belt fed LMGs will be offset by larger covering fire
capability by larger ammunition limits.
The weapons used are meant to be representative of the norm used in the conflict and should be a fairly
accurate representation of these. Ammo meant for one weapon type cannot be reissued to another
weapon type.

The ammunition limits are:
1) Assault rifles. All magazine fed. AK47, M4, G36, L85 etc -400 rounds to start off. 200 resupply.
2) Magazine fed support weapons. L86, RPK etc -750 rounds to start off. 375 resupply.
3) Light belt fed LMGs. SAW, RPD etc -1200 rounds to start off. 600 resupply.
4) General Support Machine Guns. These are heavier belt fed weapons such as the Mag 58
derivatives, M240B, PKM etc -2000 rounds to start off. 1000 resupply.
5) Sniper rifles. These are bolt action or semi firing only rifles (rifle to be locked in semi only).
7.62mm and larger calibers. SVD, PSL and derivatives. L96, L115, Remington (M700) based
rifles-M40/M24, SR25/Mk11 derivatives -150 rounds to start off. 75 resupply
6) Handguns-Pistols and revolvers-50 rounds to start off, 25 rounds resupply.
7) Grenades, grenade launchers and under barrel grenade launchers. These are to be approved
airsoft devices.500 rounds to start off and 250 rounds resupply.

The muzzle velocity limits based on the energy in joules to allow players to use higher weight BBs without
compromising safety. We ask players to avoid going right to the maximum limit as this may result in a
chrono being taken on the day and the gun being banned.
Assault rifles & MGs -400fps (0.2g BB). Assault Limit of 1.48 J.
Handguns -350fps (0.2g BB). Max of 1.13 J
Snipers-semi only or bolt-500fps (0.2g BB). Max of 2.31J (20m min engagement). Please note AEG based
snipers are to be permanently gearbox locked into full auto and not switchable to full auto. This will be
assessed during the pre-mission brief and check in.

Feet per second (fps) describes how fast an airsoft replica shoots a projectile. Since 0.2g are the most
easily found, measuring with 0.2g BBs has become a non-official standard. It is a useful measurement to
compare two replicas. If both rifles shoot 0.2g BBs, and one shoots at 300fps and the other shoots at
400fps, you know which rifle is stronger. You can also measure how much your replica has been
upgraded. For example, going from 280fps to 400fps is a vast improvement.
However, fps change if you change your ammo. If two snipers say that their rifles shoot at 400fps, but
one is talking about firing with 0.2g, and the other one is talking about firing with 0.43g, the second rifle
is twice as strong. Which is why it’s better to use how much power your rifle or gun has with FORCE, just
as it’s better to use horsepower than how fast an automobile can go. Joule is universal measurement of
force, and Joule does not change no matter what BBs you use. 0.2g fired at 400fps = 1.5 Joule = 0.25g
fired at 360fps, etc.