Intel Report 12FEB2014



SUBJECT: Attack on Task Force Trident Operating Base Blue (TFTFOB)

SOURCE: Task Force Trident Intelligence Section Operatives (TFTIS)

1. Following intelligence operations TFTIS operatives have tracked SOA commander known as Fredi who was responsible for the attack on TFTFOB Blue in November 2013. Fredi was identified in April 2013 for the first time by TFTIS operatives after the ambush of Mali army patrol killing four soldiers in the vicinity of Douentza.

2. During Operation Dirk in May 2013 by Task Force Trident SOF where engaged in various firefights with Fredi and his men in the Almina Valley. It was Fredi and his men who breached the TFT Special Reconnaissance HQ perimeter.

3. The explosives that were used in suicide attack at Mopti Airport bears the signature of Chaddi. Chadi was identified in January 2013 by TFTIS operatives as personal courier of the senior SOA commander Kassi Kadi. Chadi met with Gacemi a member of Algerian group “The Knights of Pride” a top bomb maker and genius at the miniaturization of bombs in Sierra Leone in February 2013. Chadi eluded TFTIS operatives within Bamako in February 2013.