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Tour of Duty 2014


Tour of Duty 2014
To all players that have signed up thank you for your valued support. TOD will try to maintain a high level of game play to create realistic MilSim environment. Don’t be late for any of the briefs as they will continue without you.  TOD kindly request that all signed up players familiarize them with all the MilSim Rules:

Important Notice to all Task Force Trident and Sons of Azawad players you will NOT have static respawn platform. Thus players should plan accordingly to carry all your essentials with you within area of interest.

Operation Gladius-Rapier II



Sunday, 6 April 2014 (TBC)
Time Phases
• Phase 1: 0900B – 0930B Final preparation for game
• Phase 2: 0930B – 0945B Move to insertion platform
• Phase 3: 0945B – 1045B Mission planning
• Phase 4: 1045B – 1100B Final mission brief
• Phase 5: 1100B -1600B Game commence

Task Force Trident Intelligence Section Team (min 2 – max 4 places)
MISSION: Avoid being killed or captured by Ag-Boula and his men. The successful rendezvous with QRF.

Task Force Trident Quick Reaction Force Blue (min 8 – max 16 places)
MISSION: Finding and aiding the TFTIS team. Capture or kill Ag-Boula and his men. Exfiltration of all TFT forces.

Taureg Clan (min 5 – max 10 places)
MISSION: Aiding and protection of TFTIS team.

Sons of Azawad (min 15 – max 30 places)
MISSION: Kill or capture of enemy forces. Execution of Taureg clan leader.


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R 100.00 per player. Gauteng Airsoft Club members receive 20% discount code.